Adept Robot Support Specialists


Peter Cornuelle

Peter Cornuelle is a self taught expert in robotics, specializing in robot restoration and diagnostics. Cornuelle became interested in mechanics at a young age when he first began to rebuild and repair his motorcycle. His natural technical talent evolved into a passion for automotive restoration. During his time as a mechanic he was introduced to the inner workings and mechanics of robots. Cornuelle's passion for robotics combined with his knowledge of engineering quickly progressed into a career as a robotcist.

In 1998 Peter Cornuelle founded Robotics Support Specialists. What initially began as a garage operation matured into a successful and dynamic business. Cornuelle shaped Robot Support Specialists to be the leading company in robotic restoration and diagnostics. Peter Cornuelle is one of the only mechanics who specializes in repairing and maintaining, old and off-warranty industrial robots built by Adept, ABB, Moto Man, and Unimation. These robot range anywhere from baking muffins and patisseries to assembling cars and construction vehicles. Peter Cornuelle is dedicated to offering the highest possible services.

















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